Art and Design Studio

Lucas Krieg was born in Nürnberg in 1985; where he is living and working.


In 2013 he began working as self-employed designer and artist and started doing research in his lucid dreams.


He is either creating in the fields of graphic design, writing, illustration, art, type, graffiti, furnishings, installation, light, dream and photography or in between.


Lucas Krieg is speaking about the subject of lucid dreaming. As a practiced lucid dreamer he is telling about his personal experiences, he has gained in hundreds of lucid dreams until today.

He is holding seminars about how to recognize during a dream that you are dreaming. He teaches effective techniques how to be able to affect or act conscious while dreaming and drink from this source of inspiration.

Photo: Carolin Mader



- 1985 born in Nürnberg

- 2013 Bachelor of Arts Design, TH Nürnberg

- Since 2014 working at STUDIO KRIEG





- Designers' Night #1, #2 & #4,

  TH Nürnberg 2008 – 2011

- RGT with Odour Odessa,

  Leerer Beutel, Regensburg 2010

- "Amauchs Freunde", Ludwigs,

  Nürnberg 2014

- StadtLandWand Urban Art with PPB,

  Nürnberg 2014

- IBUg with PPB, Crimmitschau 2014

- "Lack of Heiterkeit" with Ilona Falk,

  Nordkurve Showroom, Nürnberg 2015

- 9. GOHO Ateliertage with Odour Odessa,

  Anemoi, Nürnberg 2015





"Lucid Dreaming – Awakening in the dream"

- Exhibition Sleep for Fit, Berlin, 2016


"Lucid Dreaming – Overcoming Nightmares and Influencing Dreams"

- Bildungszentrum Nürnberg, since 2014

- Exhibition Sleep for Fit, Berlin, 2016





"Recognizing during a dream that you are dreaming"

- Bildungszentrum Nürnberg, since 2014



- "Wörter erzählen Geschichte"

  Edition Büchergilde, 2011

- "Amauch"-Review, Freistil-Online,

  Ruddigkeit, 2013



- adidas

- Anemoi Gostenhof

- Bildungszentrum Nürnberg

- Heilpraktikerhaus Zirndorf

- JUB Metallbau

- Knisterfilm

- MBS Nürnberg

- MundWerk

- Pixel Maniacs

- webme

- Z-Bau Haus für Gegenwartskultur